Sunday, January 31, 2010

Twitter #followamuseum / #Women2Follow

Briefly: I learned of the #Women2Follow hashtag on Twitter via @TheWomensMuseum and decided I wanted to highlight the all too rare instances of Women Museum Directors. A lot of great institutions got on board with the idea and @agardina generously put together a list of the results in a blog titled Museums on Twitter: Girl Power Edition; having since been given the power to create lists on Twitter, I used that to create @cjn212/womenmuseumdirectors.

If you know of other museums with Women Museum Directors, please get in touch with me @cjn212, there is little I like more than to highlight women role-models.

Finally, February 1st is #followamuseum day; follow @followamuseum for further information.

~ That's the most alliterate sentence I ever heard.~

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