Friday, September 16, 2016

Thongs fit for a President

Backstory: Some people followed me on Twitter, sincere and feminist and hawking HRC merch.. Jokingly, noting how campaign coverage has been deeply skewed by gender bias, and flashing back to a funny promo I’d seen in a saloon once- I remarked that unfortunately I was too broke and couldn’t even contribute any more to the campaign, but what I really wanted was an Presidential Thong; they laughed and suggested I would be interested in their other products. This pushy sales strategy made me think they weren’t actually doing anything to get HRC elected; I went to look at their site: no mention of donating proceeds to the campaign. I called them on it. They blocked me. But I still thought it was a good idea—because, really, it gets to the crux of what a lot of this is about. So, having nothing left to give but my talents, I ran with it myself.

Hilary has to play it classy. I don’t. I think it’s funny and pertinent, and if you do too, I hope you buy one. Not to leave out the excellent men who genuinely love women, I’ve made a First Dude boxer too - love you guys!

CafePress-ed in the USA - and my share of any profits ($6 markup) go to HRC’s campaign.

Makes a great gift! (Seriously- I need new underwear, send me some.) XO~ CJ

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