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Women Artists Honor Roll

Caroline J. Nye With your permission Jerry?
[Posted on Jerry Saltz's facebook wall]
Today is the last day of Women's History Month.
I propose an honor roll of Women Artists.
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Caroline J. Nye I'll get the ball rolling with:
Mary Cassatt,
Georgia O'keeffe,
Marina Abramovic,
Pat Steir,
Kara Walker,
Yoko Ono,
Barbara Kruger,
Louise Nevelson,
Tamara Lempicka,
Hannah Hoch,
Frida Kahlo,
Lee Krasner,
Louise Bourgeois,
Agnes Martin,
Diane Arbus, ...
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Sean Capone Important artists for me:
Kiki Smith
Beatriz Milhazes
Pippoliti Rist
Martha Rosler
Steina Vasulka... See More
Diana Thater
Barbara London
Joan Jonas
4 hours ago

Wesley Brown I'll add some photogs:
Imogen Cunningham
Helen Levitt
Sophie Calle
Cindy Sherman
Marylin Minter
Loretta Lux
Catherine Opie
Tierney Gearon
Nan Goldin
Katy Grannan
Dorothea Lange
4 hours ago

Rebecca Taylor Fantastic idea! I'll add a shout-out to the Feminists:

Lynda Benglis
Magdalena Abakanowicz
Carolee Schneeman
Betye Saar
Judy Chicago
Faith Ringgold
Lorraine O’Grady
Eleanor Antin
Annette Messager
Ana Mendieta
Marta Minujin
Alexis Smith
Alice Neel
Ree Morton
Senga Nengudi
Linda Montano
Sylvia Plimack Mangold
Yvonne Rainer
Barbara Smith
Lynn Hershman
Mary Kelly
Nancy Spero
Joan Joanas
June Wayne
Maria Lassnig
Suzanne Lacy
Eva Hesse
Cosey Fanni Tutti

And a few (of the many) interesting women working today:
Isa Genzken
Cindy Sherman
Yayoi Kusama
Nao Bustamante
Alexandra Grant
Lecia Dole-Recio
Nathalie Djurberg
Jenny Holzer
Sharon Hayes
Kate Gilmore
Zoe Leonard
Rachel Harrison
Micol Hebron
Sarah Morris
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Caroline J. Nye love! More?
3 hours ago 

Rebecca Taylor Oh I could happily play this game all day! Here's some more:

Tracey Emin
Eva Rothschild
Nancy Rubens
Niki de Saint Phalle
Sherri Levine
Jay DeFeo
Adrian Piper
Miriam Schapiro
Mary Heilmann
Amy Adler
Cady Noland
Fia Backstrom
Lisa Anne Auerbach
Agathe Snow
Sarah Lucas
Jenny Saville
Pae White
Phoebe Washburn
Sharon Lockhart
Kara Walker
Kathryn Andrews
Corrina Peipon
Carol Bove
Rita Ackermann
Amanda Ross-Ho

And, a shout-out to some amazing female video artists:
Nina Sobell
Nancy Buchanan
Erika Suderburg
Joanne Kryger
Branda Miller
Enid Baxter Blader
Cathy Begien
Coco Fusco
Cynthia Maughan
Ilene Segalove
Meg Cranston
Harry Dodge & Stanya Kahn
Patti Podesta
Hilja Keading
Jennifer Steinkamp
Nicole Cohen
Lorna Simpson
Mika Rottenberg
Emily Jacir
Kelly Kleinschrodt
2 hours ago

Edward Shott
Lola Gentry
Pia Dehne
Rev Jen
Adrienne Stein
Rosalie Knox
Amy Gartrell
about an hour ago

Claudia Drake
Leonora Carrington,
Me [Claudia Drake],
Lee Miller,
Meret Oppenheim,
Leonor Fini,
Kay Sage,
Dorothea Tanning,
Toyen, Remedios Varo
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Caroline J. Nye Beautiful.
a few seconds ago 

Caroline J. Nye Claudia Drake- you are *so* right! Honor roll to role-call for those of us plugging along in obscurity: you, me...
a few seconds ago 

Caroline J. Nye & if you're on Twitter, these women: @cjn212/womanartist
a few seconds ago 

Ede Ericson Cardell I love Lynda Benglis - she confounds me in every single time I talk to her and then BOOM, she comes up with something crazy amazing.

This is a terrific list - thanks for adding it. Off to read your links.
14 minutes ago

Hilary Goldblatt Sculptors Susana Solano and Christina Iglesias
9 minutes ago

Hilary Goldblatt Louise Nevelson
6 minutes ago

Ede Ericson Cardell Beverly Pepper
Kiki Smith
about a minute ago

Caroline J. Nye I haven't linked them up yet- I'm in project mode with my purse... I will as soon as I can- probably over the weekend.
10 hours ago

Peregrine Honig Sally Mann, Petah Coyne, Ida Applebroog
8 hours ago

Peregrine Honig Laurie Anderson
8 hours ago

Peregrine Honig Sissel Tolaas!
8 hours ago

Pax North Dana Claxton, Rebecca Belmore, Diane Borsato, Kelly Mark, Emily Carr.
5 hours ago

Elizabeth Briel Paula Rego.
And thanks for putting me on your @womanartist list, Caroline!
5 hours ago

Edward Shott Sissel Kardel
2 hours ago

Rebecca Taylor A few more important women artists missing from this list:

Andrea Zittel
Rachel Whiteread
Andrea Fraser
Kim Abeles
Roxy Paine
Marlene Dumas
Lita Albuquerque
Mona Hatoum
Vjja Celmins
Haegue Yang
Laura Owens
Liz Craft
Elizabeth Peyton
Marne Weber
Mary Corse
Helen Frankenthaler
Lisa Yuskavage
Katiie Grinnan
Monique Prieto
Hannah Greely
Anne Truitt
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Aaron Holz This Friday, The Sheldon Museum of Art will turn its entire permanent collection over to women artists for the entire year. It is the first museum in the nation to do this! "Better Half / Better Twelfth" (1/12 of the collection is work made by female artists)
49 minutes ago

Tracey M. Kessler Just checking in now- Cool idea!
Cecily Brown, Louise Nevelson, Maya Lin, Eva Zeisel, Jay DeFeo-I'll scan the twitter list
41 minutes ago

Tracey M. Kessler Great link Aaron.
39 minutes ago

Caroline J. Nye Excellent. One thought- we're strong on contemporary (particularly Bourgeois & Nevelson!) - who's strong on the classical eras? Let's see some of the women that laid the foundation.
32 minutes ago 

Rebecca Taylor Good point! Definitely not my strong suit, but I'll throw out a few:

Luisa Roldan
Rosalba Carriera
Mary Cassatt
Berthe Morisot
Camille Claudel
Rosa Bonheur
Sonia Delaunay
Natalia Goncharova
Valentina Kulagina
Judith Leyster
Julia Cameron
16 minutes ago

Caroline J. Nye Hmmm- I'll ask my mom & aunt... they're aces at art history.
5 minutes ago 

Terry Ward @Caroline/art-historicals: Also---
Marie Élisabeth Louise Vigée Le Brun
Artemisia Gentileschi
Antonia Bertucci-Pinelli
Henriëtte Ronner-Knip
Giovanna Garzoni
Yesterday at 2:17pm

Stefany Roseman Benson Roxy Paine is not a woman.
Yesterday at 3:27pm

Stefany Roseman Benson Inka Essenhigh
Yesterday at 3:28pm

Caroline J. Nye Nobody's perfect.
Yesterday at 3:28pm 

Claudia Drake :] Also see:
Yesterday at 4:23pm

Carolyn Marks Blackwood Hey! You forgot my favorites! Joan Mitchell and Bernice Abbott.
Today at 4:53am

Jesse Bercowetz jessica stockholder, judy pfaff, rachel harrison, lee bonticue, huma bhaba, niki de saint phalle, isa gensen, cady nolan, (sorry for butchering the spelling)
14 minutes ago

[Adding the thread ran on my page]

Jean Luongo Matthiessen Susan Weil.
Yesterday at 12:47pm 

Vigen Galstyan The Russians of course! Olga Rozanova, Natalia Goncharova, Alexandra Exter and Vera Mukhova (the most famous Soviet sculptor). You might wants to add some early impressionists such as Camille Claudel, Berthe Morrisot as well as modernists like Sonia Delaneau, barbara Hepworth, Barbara de Lempicka and my favorite abstract expressionist after Gorky, Helen Frankenthaler. And maybe Leonara Finni...
Yesterday at 12:48pm 

Vigen Galstyan sorry, that's Mukhina, not Mukhova...
Yesterday at 12:49pm 

Caroline J. Nye Tamara de Lempicka, not Barbara- check the blog, we've got a lot of great contemporary women artists, let's fill in the history ;)
Yesterday at 12:59pm 

Vigen Galstyan Ooops... did I write Barbara? Well, they ARE history. None of these names are what I'd call contemporary... or do you want even earlier ones like Artemisia Gentileschi?
Yesterday at 1:30pm 

Caroline J. Nye Yes! More more!
Yesterday at 1:50pm 

Susan McCartney Found long, long, long list via Google: It goes way back....

Atemesia Gentileschi is perhaps the most famous of the very early ones. Rosa Bonheure was very popular indeed in her 19th century heyday - there's a great horse-fair painting of hers at the Met...
Yesterday at 2:51pm 

Caroline J. Nye I had forgotten about that resource- thanks mom!
Yesterday at 3:13pm 

Jean Luongo Matthiessen Michal Rovner
Yesterday at 3:50pm 

Sandra Moran andriola de Baracchis 1489
Yesterday at 6:57pm 

Sandra Moran Sibylla de Bondorff her St Francis kneeling
Yesterday at 6:58pm 

Sandra Moran Gwen John...awsome1890
Yesterday at 7:00pm 

Jean Luongo Matthiessen Has anyone mentioned Vanessa Bell, Clara Peeters, Artemisia Gentilescchi?
Yesterday at 7:14pm 

[And more were added on Jerry's page]

Ardele Lister i know it's april already but i think the celebration of great women artists deserves at least a decade so i'll continue: joan snyder, nancy spero, nancy holt, susan silas,chrysanne stathacos,liz magor (canada), joyce wieland (canada), martha wilson, and then there are some other great women filmmakers of old like 1940s and 50s director nell shipman (MOMA has some of her stuff) who depicted women living in the forests with bears! (see my article in an old Heresies issue on media art), maya deren, .... isn't there a giant list of 'em on guerrilla girls' websites? after all, they take on dead women artists' names/careers... i think. we mustn't forget kathryn bigelow who has certainly slogged thru the trenches to make her vision in film... and finally broken the damn glass ceiling at the academy awards... to be cont'd.
about an hour ago

Ardele Lister lesley dill... kiki smith...
about an hour ago

Caroline J. Nye Ooh, film, nice branch- & one I myself have *no* background in. Thanks!
2 seconds ago

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