Thursday, August 19, 2010

Shave & a Diptych, Two Bits

Any bloggers out there covering native New Yorker emerging artists in alternative venues?

Native New Yorker CJ Nye was smooshed by a taxi in ’98, her senior year at SVA, lost the use of her painting hand, and withdrew from the artworld. In ‘06, unable to change her spots, she took "introduction to painting" as a coast-class while finishing her MA thesis at Columbia University.

With a new body of work, CJ dove back into the artworld at X Initiative’s BYOA in last February, there garnering praise for her diptych Arsenic and Old Lace from Jerry Saltz in an informal critique. Heartened, CJ subsequently exhibited in: Power to the People at Feature Inc., The Unaffordable Art Fair at NY Studio Gallery, and Emerging Market at Culture Fix.

CJ’s work pushes the boundaries of traditional composition. Diptychs, triptychs, and quadtychs are worked and may be installed in every parallel or aligned arrangement, each revealing a unique anthropomorphic symbolic narrative.

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Barber Bart blends old world service with a modern twist. Poke your nose in, get a whiff of some divine cologne, perhaps treat yourself to a shave, and show your support for an emerging local artist and those that support the arts through their own enterprises - what would NY culture be without these wee alternative venues?

Barber Bart
17 East 21st Street, off Broadway
Subway: 6, N, W, R, F, V to 23rd
Mon-Friday 9am-8:30pm, Sat 9am-6pm
Through September 30th


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